Differential gene and allelic expression of positively selected g

Differential gene and allelic expression of positively selected genes Ninety genes which showed differential expressed be tween control and stress selleck inhibitor treatments were among the positively selected genes with Ka Ks ratios more than 1. 5. While several known genes and drought stress related transcription factors such as NAC, ERF1 and WRKY were among the positively selected and differentially expressed genes there were however several unknown genes among the positively selected genes showing differential expression. Twenty seven SNPs from 17 positively selected genes showed differential al lelic expression between S0 and S1 samples. Of the 27 SNPs with differential allelic expression, 78% of them were nonsynonymous. Of the 17 genes which showed differential allelic expres sion, four genes were differentially expressed between control and stress treatments.

Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries In three SNPs from two genes expression of one of the Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries two alleles was completely suppressed Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries in S0 samples while both the alleles were expressed in S1 samples. Discussion We observed several genes differentially expressed between control and water stress conditions. The large numbers of genes observed in this study com pared to other studies could be due to the higher sensi tivity of RNA seq compared to microarray analysis. The high correlation in gene expression between three popu lations in both control and stress treatments may be due to the same factors that led to the similarity of physiological and biomass traits observed between the populations in both the treatments.

GO analysis reveals biologically relevant genes Gene ontology based tests revealed more than 100 gene categories enriched among the top most significantly dif ferentially expressed genes. While several drought stress genes were induced by stress treatment, several cell wall and photosynthetic genes were down regulated under stress conditions. Several growth and development Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries genes identified by comparing the control samples taken at two intervals were down regulated under stress treatment. Up regulation of several metabolic process genes between the control samples and down regulation of these gens under stress treatment may reflect the reduction in growth under stress conditions suggesting that these genes play a role in normal plant growth and develop ment. These genes may therefore be used as candidate genes for growth and biomass production.

In addition to the previously reported water stress related genes, we observed several novel and or un known genes showing differential expression between control and stress treatments. These form a new source Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries of candidate genes for water stress selleck kinase inhibitor tolerance. Functional analysis of these genes may reveal novel pathways of genes responding to water stress. The new gene models predicted with reference guided mapping which are not present in E. grandis annotations may be useful for improving the annotations of E.

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