The rgg 0182 gene (864 bp) potentially encodes a protein of 288 a

The rgg 0182 gene (864 bp) potentially encodes a protein of 288 amino acids with a predicted molecular mass of 35.6 kDa. This protein exhibited an identity of about 30% with other streptococcal proteins belonging to the Rgg family of transcriptional regulators and 35% identity (e-value = 8e-48) with Rgg1358 from S. thermophilus LMD-9 which was recently Selleck AZD4547 shown to be involved in a quorum sensing (QS) mechanism [9]. Rgg0182 contained a HTH-XRE motif from amino acid 11 to 67 typical of Rgg regulators and a Rgg-C-terminal motif from amino acid 70 to 288 (Figure 1). Therefore, the rgg 0182 gene was predicted to encode a transcriptional

regulator. Figure 1 Schematic representation of the rgg 0182 and rgg 1358 loci (A) and of the corresponding proteins (B). Although the rgg 0182 and rgg 1358 loci present analogies (A), they

encoded distinct proteins (B). Numbers in panel A indicate the position of nucleotides, with the +1 position being that of the first nucleotide of the rgg 0182 gene. The “”deletion fragment”" corresponds to the deleted portion of the rgg 0182 gene in the Δrgg 0182 mutant. The broken arrows indicate the promoters. 4SC-202 clinical trial Pshp 0182 and Ppep 0182 materialized the position of the 126 bp and 165 bp PCR fragment respectively used in EMSA. In panel B, amino acids sequence identities are indicated in percent. HTH indicated the Helix-Turn-Helix-XRE motif. The gene rgg 0182 was surrounded by two ORFs (Figure 1), not annotated in the genome of the strain LMG18311, but revealed using the software bactgeneSHOW designed for small-gene detection [29]. Indeed,

upstream of the rgg 0182 gene was the shp 0182 gene (63 nucleotides long), potentially encoding a small hydrophobic peptide belonging to the group I of the SHP family [9]. Downstream of rgg 0182 was the pep 0182 gene (42 nucleotides long), encoding a small peptide with no similarity with peptides found in databases. Although, the genetic organization of the rgg Baf-A1 nmr 0182 locus was similar to that of the rgg 1358 of the LMD-9 strain from S. thermophilus, these two loci were distinct as illustrated by the low sequence identity between the proteins encoded by them (Figure 1). The two shp genes were classified in two distinct groups from the SHP family [9]. Finally, the rgg 0182 locus and its selleck kinase inhibitor flanking genes were also found in the genome of CNRZ1066 strain but missing in the genome of ND03 and LMD-9 strains. Transcription analysis of the rgg 0182 gene In the literature, studies of rgg genes transcription are scarce. Indeed, only the ropB transcription from Streptococcus pyogenes has been studied [10]. Thus, it was of interest to determine whether transcription of rgg was constitutive or not.

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