We propose future research to assess the effects of oral ATP admi

We propose future research to assess the check details effects of oral ATP administration on blood flow in a placebo-controlled crossover or parallel design. Conclusion Oral ATP administration can increase blood flow, and this effect is particularly prominent following exercise. Increased blood flow due to ATP supplementation may be the mechanism responsible for ergogenic

effects following chronic ATP supplementation as previously reported in the scientific literature. However, the exact mechanism whereby ATP increases blood flow during post-exercise recovery periods SN-38 solubility dmso remains unknown and future investigation in this area is warranted. Acknowledgements We are grateful for the support from TSI, Sapitinib Missoula, MT, for funding this study. References 1. Agteresch HJ, Dagnelie PC, van den Berg JW, Wilson JH: Adenosine triphosphate: established and potential clinical applications. Drugs 1999,58(2):211–232.PubMedCrossRef 2. Bannwarth B, Allaert F-A, Avouac B, Rossignol M, Rozenberg S, Valat J-P: A randomized, double-blind,

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